Samin Tejarat Economic Development Group

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Samin Tejarat Company has started its activity in the field of industrial iron supply, construction, and alloy steels. When it comes to products, it tries to be one of the best suppliers of iron and steel in Iran to its customers and provides excellent services for the growth and excellence of the country.
This company has been able to supply all the industrial iron and alloy steels with a great response in meeting the needs of the widest industries and large businesses such as automotive, oil, toolmaking, power plant, and other special industries in the country. This company is the result of two companies, Toos Paya Trading Complex and Samin Pipe and Profile Factory, which started operating in 1996 and 2017 to leap the production and entrepreneurship for the country (in the form of a private sector).

Organizational values

We believe that respecting and responding to the customer in a timely manner, honesty in transactions, meritocracy, interaction and cooperation are not only a part of professional ethics at work, but also lead to customer trust and satisfaction. We also try to take steps to preserve the human dignity of the collection by creating an organizational culture based on moral and professional values.


Becoming the most customer-oriented and most reliable company selling industrial and constructional iron steels in Iran is the vision of our complex.


Samin Tejarat makes a lot of effort to offer its customers the best choice, the highest quality product, and the lowest price.