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A band saw is a linear cutting machine. The blades of this device consist of hundreds of teeth and channels. The channels are actually cooling ducts that perform the cutting operation using cooling and teeth. A certain length of these cutting blades is welded at the end to create an integrated loop as the cutting blade.

Cutting blades have different lengths, widths and thicknesses and also the type of blade teeth is very diverse. The blades of the cutting machine have the ability to cut different types of materials. To do this, three factors must be considered: 1) fuel 2) speed 3) belt tension

Fuel : The force applied to the blade so that the blade penetrates into the workpiece depends on the fuel. The harder and stronger the workpiece, the more fuel is needed.

Speed : The speed of movement of the cutting blade on the workpiece depends on the hardness of the workpiece. The harder the piece, the slower the blade acts on the piece. The cutting blade generates heat and friction when moving on the part. This speed is calculated in meters per second.

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M040 Rebar is from the category of heated alloy steels that are well welded and formed. The amount of chromium in this steel increases its thermal resistance.

Belt tension : The relative stiffness of the belt after it is adjusted on the wheels is called belt tension. Appropriate stiffness is required to make smooth, well-proportioned cuts, and this is measured using a barometer.

It is very important that all three factors are measured and coordinated in proportion to each other to get slices that fit what is specific to each product.

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Head office contact number: 02122247000 – 09108697000

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