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Cutting blades are generally available in different types. For example: 1) carbon 2) bimetallic 3) grit carbide 4) tipped carbide. Each of these blades has special features that make them more suitable for performing different cuts on parts with different thicknesses. Each of these blades has its own combination, advantages, benefits and applications.

Carbon: Carbon blades have a single structure and are made of high carbon steel. These types of blades are available in three types: soft, hard and friction.

Bimetallic Blades: Bimetallic blades are made of electron beam (EB) that forms a high-speed steel wire behind an alloy steel. Bimetallic blades are four times more heat resistant than carbon blades. Structures, pipes, and solids are used for production cutting and general purpose cutting. There are generally two types of Bi Metal blades: Matrix II and M42

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M040 Rebar is from the category of heated alloy steels that are well welded and formed. The amount of chromium in this steel increases its thermal resistance.

Grid carbide: This blade is used to cut hard materials such as fiberglass, floor glass, graphite composites, rubber-reinforced rubber and hardened steel, etc.

Carbide type: This type of blade is designed for casting aluminum and composite. It can be used for cutting materials, hardwood and plywood. Carbide tip blades are designed for fast cutting and are very resistant to abrasion and have a long life.

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Head office contact number: 02122247000 – 09108697000

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