The importance of fuel and speed in sawing

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Speed here refers to the speed at which the tips of the teeth of the cutting blades move on the workpiece, which is measured in meters per second. The speed of the blade should be adjusted according to the recommended range for each material. Depending on the type of cutting machine, there are special settings for the speed of the blade and the speed should be determined according to the characteristics of each machine. Devices with a variety of blade speeds limited to two or three modes are naturally not as efficient as devices with a wide variety of speed settings.

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M040 Rebar is from the category of heated alloy steels that are well welded and formed. The amount of chromium in this steel increases its thermal resistance.

Fuel in this section refers to the force applied to the cutting blade to penetrate the workpiece. The lower the hardness of the workpiece, the lower the fuel pressure required. As the hardness of the workpiece material increases, so does the amount of fuel used. There are various methods for refueling the device: manual refueling – gravity refueling (ground) – hydraulic refueling

The blade Depending on the type of the cut and the desired size, should be fueled.

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